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Carrier manufacturers products that can make any property feel more comfortable. When you partner with Carrier, you'll have access to our complete line up of split systems, ductless, rooftop units, geothermal, VRF, controls, and more.

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Carrier systems manage indoor comfort better than the competition through a variety of technologies that focus on improving not only on temperature but also humidity.

Industry Leading Innovations

- Infinity Communicating Systems
- Ideal Humidity Technology
- Greenspeed Variable Speed Technology in Compressors and Gas Valves
- Development of the past, current, and future refrigerant used in all products
- Smart Evap Technology
- Comfort Fan Technology

Full Product Line

- Air conditioners
- Heat pumps
- Ductless systems
- Furnaces
- Boilers
- Geothermal
- Indoor Air Quality

Products that differentiate

Products that differentiate

- Infinity Air Purifier (highlighted below)
- Greenspeed A/Cs and HPs (highlighted below)
- Infinity Control
- Ecobee thermostats Powered by Carrier
- OptiClean

Infinity air purifier works silently in-line with your HVAC system and can make the air you breathe healthier. It uses Captures & Kills™ technology to trap up to 95% of particles, then uses an electrical charge to kill or inactive them.

Independent testing has proven the Infinity air purifier's effectiveness against 3 pathogens including the common cold surrogate.

With every cycle of air that passes through this patented air purifying system, pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants are trapped and held tightly to the filter. An electrical charge then bursts the cell walls of pathogens it comes in contact with.

The Infinity heat pump and air conditioner with Greenspeed intelligence takes Carrier's most advanced technology to the next level. If it looks like next-gen technology, that's because it is. Models 24VNA6 (AC) and 25VNA4 (HP)

Greenspeed intelligence is created by pairing adaptable-speed technology with the Infinity® System Control. The unique, variable-speed compressor of this unit, allows it to literally adapt its output to the needs of the home. With infinite adjustments between 25 and 100% capacity, it gives the home only the amount of cooling or heating necessary.

This allows the system to operate longer at steadier, lower capacities, which ensures incredible energy efficiency and quiet operation with tighter temperature control than standard systems.

  • Infintiy® air purifier included with purchase
  • Greenspeed intelligence
  • Up to 50% quieter than our nearest competitor
  • Quiet Mode feature enables homeowners to cap sound levels at 69 dBA
  • Advanced humidity control - Can remove up to 400% more moisture than standard systems
  • Fully variable-speed compressor operation helps reduce indoor temperature swings
  • Over-the-air software update capabilities
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for enhanced service & diagnostics
  • Compressor sound blanket and Silencer System II™ design
  • Filter drier system protection from moisture and contaminants
  • WeatherArmor™ Ultra protection for durability
  • Non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant
  • 10-year parts limited warranty
  • 10-year unit replacement limited warranty